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Alikartano Manor

Nummistentie 48, 04660 Numminen (Mäntsälä)

The Alikartano estate, formerly called Frugård, was founded in the early 1600s. In 1709 it was acquired by an ancestor of the Nordenskiöld family. The manor is known as the childhood home of the world-famous explorer Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld, who was the first man to sail through the Northeast Passage. The Finnish state purchased Alikartano in 1964, partly with a donation from the Nordenskiöld family. The manor was opened as a museum in 1983.

The manor grounds reflect 18th-century style. The present main building, with its unusual two-storey drawing-room, dates from 1805. Some rooms are furnished in the manner of the early 19th century. One part of the exhibition is devoted to scientific interests and achievements of the Nordenskiöld family. A small valley nearby, with a brook and a walking path, beckons the visitor.

How to find to Alikartano

Alikartano Manor is located in Numminen village in Mäntsälä approximately 50 kilometres north from Helsinki. The route to the manor is signposted from road 140.

City of Mäntsälä

Museum is closed due to restoration.

More information

tel. +358 295 33 6481.