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The Architectural Office GLS

Puhelinluetteomainos Geselius, Lindgren, Saarinen
The Architectural Office Gesellius, Lindgren, Saarinen was founded in 1896 and from the very beginning the office received demanding assignments. The Finnish Pavilion designed in 1889 for the 1900 World Fair in Paris gained international fame for the office. In Finland the architects achieved success with their public buildings such as the ones for insurance company Pohjola and the National Museum of Finland. For residential and commercial buildings the office created a new style, which is best represented by so called Doctors' House in central Helsinki (Fabianinkatu 17). Some of the first villas designed by the trio included the villa for S. Wuorio and the Paloniemi Manor. However, the office's villa architecture culminates in Hvitträsk and the Suur-Merijoki Manor that manifest the idea of a total work of art. The office broke up in practice at the turn of the year 1904 - 05, but the name remained until the end of 1905.