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The Maritime Museum of Finland

Maritime Centre Vellamo,Tornatorintie 99 A, Kotka

The Maritime Museum of Finland is a national maritime museum operating under the National Board of Antiquities whose role is to preserve and interpret the history of Finnish seafaring. The Maritime Museum collects and preserves objects, photographs, archival material and literature pertaining to seafaring and boating. Mercantile marine and the history of the Maritime Administration of Finland are among the special interests of the museum.

The Maritime Museum of Finland opened at the Maritime Centre Vellamo in Kotka on the 11th of July 2008. Besides the Maritime Museum of Finland other attractions at the Maritime Centre Vellamo are the Museum of Kymenlaakso, the Information Centre Vellamo, restaurant Laakonki and the Museum Shop Plootu.

In its main exhibition "North Star, Southern Cross" the Maritime Museum of Finland portraits the history of seafaring in Finland through different key themes. Maritime trade, voyagers, ships, travelling by sea and navigation are the main themes of the exhibition. Winter navigation is also one of the central elements of the exhibition.

Web page of the Maritime Centre Vellamo in english

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Opening times:
Tue, Thu-Sun 10-17
Wed 10-20 (free admission to exhibitions 17-20)
Mon closed

Entry fees:
Adults 10 €
Pensioners, students and conscripts 6 €
Free entry for those under 18

Icebreaker Tarmo 5 €

Open 1.7.-3.9.2017

More information:
Maritime Centre Vellamo

tel. +358 40 350 0497 info@merikeskusvellamo.fi

The Maritime Museum of Finland
tel. +358 295 33 6000

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