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Temporary exhibitions

1715. The Battle for the Baltic Sea

Scenes from the Baltic Sea during the Great Northern War


In the early 18th century, the Great Northern War raged across the Baltic Sea. The rulers of Sweden, Denmark, Russia and Saxony-Poland were engaged in a merciless struggle for power. The prize was dominion over the Baltic Sea.

The kings and emperors led lives of luxury in their palaces, displaying their power in the form of portraits, clothing and extravagant items. At the same time, the crews of their warships lived in scarcity and uncertainty. The artefacts recovered from shipwrecks resting in the bottom of the sea tell the seamen’s story.

The exhibition showcases all this, the bold and the beautiful of their time. Collected from several countries, these artefacts are on display in Finland for the first time.  

The exhibition was produced by Schloss Gottorf, the state museum of Schleswig-Holstein, in collaboration with the Maritime Museum of Finland. The official patron of the exhibition is the President of the Republic of Finland, Sauli Niinistö.

Taistelu Itämerestä.

Andreas Henrik Stibolt: Battle of Colberger Heide 24.4.1715. Det Nationalhistoriske museum, Frederiksborg Slot. Photo: Kit Weiss.