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National Museum Events

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Come to Finland! – side events

Make a friend happy at the ‘Finland on a Card’ workshop

Held at the Studio of the National Museum of Finland during winter break, this workshop will be fun for children and adults alike. What does your Finland look like? Come and fall in love with old Finland travel posters and put your own image of Finland on a card! If you wish, you can make a friend happy by mailing the card to your friend immediately after the workshop.

•    on week 8 Tue–Fri 12 noon–3pm (21–24 February 2017)
•    on week 9 Tue–Wed 12 noon–3pm (28 February–3 March 2017)

Poster workshops

In addition to famous artists, the Come to Finland exhibition introduces you to works by lesser known poster artists as well as their contribution to really putting Finland on the map.  Come and make your own travel poster! Immerse yourself in the world of poster art at workshops led by artists at the National Museum’s Studio.

•    Sat 11 March 12 noon–2pm
•    Sat 8 April 12 noon–2pm
•    Sat 13 May 12 noon–2pm

Guided tours

Guided tours of the exhibition in Finnish on two Sundays, 19 February and 19 March 2–3pm.

Guided tours of the exhibition led by poster hunter Magnus Londen

Poster hunter Magnus Londen will give guided tours of the exhibition in light of his hobby.

•    Sun 26 February 2–3pm in Finnish
•    Sun 26 March 2–3pm in Swedish

Sauna Day at the National Museum of Finland

The exotic northern country of Finland has been marketed to tourists throughout the ages by promoting saunas, a favourite indulgence among Finns! Helsinki Sauna Day will open the doors to the saunas in Helsinki for all sauna enthusiasts. In honour of the day, the yard of the National Museum will host a mobile sauna where everyone can enjoy the hot steam between 12 noon and 6pm.

•    Sat 11 March 12 noon–6pm

Teaching materials for schools

The Come to Finland website contains teaching materials for different school levels in Finnish and Swedish.