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TAKO - Acquisitions to collections through cooperation

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In 2009, Finnish museums launched a project for the purpose of coordinating collaboration in matters related to acquisitions, documentation and collections. The project is known as TAKO, an acronym from the Finnish words tallennus (acquisitions and documentation) and kokoelmat (collections). Participation is on a voluntary basis and the secretariat of the project is at the National Museum of Finland.

Cultural-historical museums in Finland have for many years realised the need to develop collections management and coordinate their respective tasks. The objectives are to allocate responsibility for acquisitions and documentation among museums and to create the so-called Finland Collection, with the further aim of improving collections management and the mobility of collections and competencies.

This activity is carried out through seven working groups - pools - with each museum participating in the work of 1-3 pools. The pools define joint objectives and share expertise in their respective fields. This collaboration seeks to reduce overlap in acquisitions and documentation to allow museums to devote more of their intellectual and economic resources to their basic tasks.

The work in the pools primarily steers future acquisitions and documentation. Allocated responsibility for acquisitions means that museums in the pool can add to their collections in a considered manner and share responsibility among members of the pool. Not everyone needs to collect and document everything.

The documentation of present-day life is of central importance in the TAKO scheme. Additions to the Finland Collection are specifically made through new acquisitions carried out in connection with documentation projects. These projects will be conducted collaboratively by museums and scholarly communities, thereby developing the Finland Collection into a representative memory store of present-day Finland that will be of interest to Finns and others in the future.

In 2011, the pool-based work involves some sixty museums. The themes of the pools are:

1. Man and nature
2. The individual, the community and public life
3. Everyday life
4. Industry, services and working life
5. Communications, traffic and tourism
6. Education, art, high culture and well-being
7. Trends, influences and turning points
Tako ryhmakuva3
TAKOs co-ordination group in 2016. Front row left: Johanna Jakomaa (Satakunnan Museo), Johanna Lehto-Vahtera (Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova), Hanna Kyläniemi (Lapin maakuntamuseo), Reetta Karhunkorva (Suomen metsämuseo Lusto), Elina Kallio (Helsingin kaupunginmuseo), Pälvi Myllylä (Visavuoren museo) Back row left: Marianne Koski (Museovirasto), Hanna-Kaisa Melaranta (Varkauden museot), Teemu Ahola (Työväenmuseo Werstas), Risto Hakomäki Kansallismuseo).

Ohjausryhmä 2009 1
TAKOs co-ordination group at its first meeting in March 2009. Members from the left: Teemu Ahola, Dan Lindholm, Antti Metsänkylä, Merja Heiskanen, Maarit Talamo-Kemiläinen, Minna Sarantola-Weiss, Kimmo Levä, Tuula Kuusisalo and Risto Hakomäki.