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Events at Olavinlinna Castle in 2017

Easter Fair on 8th of April 

The annual Easter Fair of the Castle. Free Entrance to the Fair. Normal entrance fees to the guided tours of the castle.


International Museum Day on 18th of May

Free Entrance to the Castle


The Little Duke's Hall Workshop for Children  
10.6.-14.8.2017 daily from 11 am to 5.30 pm. 

19.-27.8.2017 only during the weekends from 11 am to 3.30 pm.

Savonlinna Opera Festival between 7th of July and 4th of August, www.operafestival.fi

Guided Backstage tours in English and Finnish on Thursdays at 4 pm during the festival season between 22nd of June and 3rd of August

St. Olof’s Day 29th of July

Guided tours in English and Finnish. Entrance fee 1 € to the Castle.

5th of August Savonlinna Opera Festival Rocks! Stam1na–Stratovarius–Amorphis in Olavinlinna Castle, www.lippu.fi


6th of August, Concert by J. Karjalainen, www.lippu.fi

11th and 12th August, Swan Lake Ballet, St Petersburg Ballet Theatre, www.balletolavinlinna.fi

18th of August, Concert by Lauri Tähkä, Elojubilee, www.lippu.fi

19th of August, Suomi - Finland 100 years concert, Elojubilee, www.lippu.fi

26th of August, Boxing Night in Olavinlinna, www.lippu.fi

25th and 26th of November, St. Thomas’s Market 
Traditional Christmas market on Castle island inside the Castle and on the courtyards of the Castle. Light installations around the Castle. Around 2000-3000 visitors per year visit the St. Thomas's Market.  


28th and 29th of November, Luminous -light installation/Suomi - Finland 100 years 

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St Thomas's Market in 2016. The National Museum of Finland. 
St Thomas's Market in 2016. The National Museum of Finland.

Savonlinna Opera Festival

Olavinlinna Castle became known as a sight and attraction and popular venue for summer celebrations and festivities at the end of the 19th century.

Opera singer Aino Ackté organized opera festivals in the Great Courtyard in the 1910s. The Savonlinna Opera Festival established itself as a yearly summer event in the 1960s and nowadays Savonlinna Opera Festival is organized every july-august in the Castle.

More information on Savonlinna Opera Festival:



Festivities of the 1910s in the Olavinlinna Castle. Photo: The National Board of Antiquities. HK19800223:53.