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New Permanent Exhibition

The new permanent exhibition features the history of the castle through 3D-replicas, tangible objects and miniature models. Exhibition also includes an introductory film which shows highlights of the everyday life of the castle.  

The exhibition is easily reached even by visitors who use rollator or wheelchair. The main idea of the exhibition is accessibility - with the aid of the introductory film disabled visitors are able to learn about the castle's past as well as have a look at the castle's upper floors and towers. Tangible objects are specially useful for visually impaired. On the other hand multisensority of the exhibition makes the exhibition more exciting to all visitors of the castle.  

The exhibition texts are available in braille at the ticket sale desks. 


New Permanent Exhibition of the Castle. Photo: National Museum.New Permanent Exhibition of the Castle. Photo: National Museum.

"The Little Duke's Hall" workshop for children and other child like visitors

”The Little Duke's Hall" is an interactive workshop aimed at children. In "The Little Duke's Hall" children and adults can empathize themselves by taking part in several activities like set a table with traditional table ware, dress up in historical costumes or kinight's armour, assemble puzzles, build an own castle by using wooden blocks, weave loom or play with a doll's house resembling the tower of the castle. 

The workshop instructor gives assistance to visitors if needed.

Workshop is open daily between 10th June – 14th August from 11 am till 5.15 pm and between 19th and 27th August only during the weekends from 11 am till 3.15 pm. 

Other times on agreement for the groups. The charge for the own guide is 70 € (incl. 24 % vat) per guide.

Children playing the the workshop "The Little Duke
Children playing in the workshop "The Little Duke's Hall". Photo: National Museum/Risto Hämäläinen.

Exhibition "If the walls could tell - pickings from the phases of the castle" featuring the history of Olavinlinna Castle

Exhibition tells about the defence use of the castle and life in it. The exhibition boards are situated along the guided tour inside the castle. In addition there are boards also on the courtyards and gun platforms of the castle.

Each exhibition board tells about the theme of the place where it is situated. All the buildings and premises of the castle were originally specifically built to serve military purpose. Different defence structures were used to strengthen the castle against the enemy. In addition to that the inhabitants of the castle also needed their everyday food, drink and place to sleep.

On the exhibition boards there are short texts in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian. The illustrations featuring the theme have been collected from the documentation drawings, Olaus Magnus' work "Historia om de nordiska folk", and from the archeological findings of the castle.

Right next to the model featuring the present appearance of the castle there are 3D models, which interpret the three historical phases of the castle. They illustrate the building and expansion of the castle during 500 years.

Olavinlinna Castle. The National Board of Antiquities.