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The Halla house

The Halla farmstead was brought to the Museum in 1965 from Hyrynsalmi where it had stood alone on Hallavaara fell like it was customary in the Kainuu region. The main room is one hundred square metres in floor area and it was built in the early 1800s.

The other end of the house was totally renovated in the late 1800s by the famous master of the farm, Member of Parliament J. A. Heikkinen. He revived agriculture, and in his time, the Halla farmstead was also a stopping-over place for the Jaegers.

The Halla farmstead was inhabited until 1958. The main room retained its bare workroom appearance until the last occupants. Many chores and crafts were practised in the main room; such as the making of vessels, sledges and tar barrels, and even slaughtering and the shoeing of horses. The room also provided overnight accommodation for farmhands, reindeer herders, loggers and itinerant travellers. Particularly at market-time, there were many extra visitors spending the night. The doors were never locked.

Halla House. Photo: The National Board of Antiquities / Anna Haverinen (2009)
Halla House. Photo: Anna Haverinen, the National Board of Antiquities.