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The Parsonage from Iisalmi

The Iisalmi Parsonage was built by master-builder Simon Silvén in 1797-98. The vicar at the time was Johan Lagus. The building consisted originally of six rooms, the kitchen and entrance room. The floor plan is found in Carl Wijnblad's book of model designs from 1755. Later during the 19th century, lower wings were added to both ends of the building. Only the mansard-roofed skeleton from the 1700s was brought to Seurasaari in the 1960's.

In the Museum, the rooms at the other end of the building are furnished in the style of 19th-century parsonages. Each rooms represents the term of office of a different vicar of the parish. The drawing room represents the early 1800's, the bishop's room the 1840s and the dining room mainly the 1860's.

The office represents the terms of vicars J. L. Lagus and Th. Brofeldt, the father of the famous Finnish author Juhani Aho. The Parsonage was opened to the public in 1984 when the Museum had its 75-year-anniversary.   

The museum's office is located in the Iisalmi parsonage during summer.

Iisalmi parsonage.