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The Church from Karuna

The Karuna Church is the oldest building in the Museum. It was built in 1685-86 and brought to the Museum in 1912. The church was built by the owner of the Karuna Manor in Sauvo, Baron Arvid Horn. He built it as a chapel of his own to which he had the right of patronage, the right to select the clergymen. The church was named after his second wife, Maria Elisabet.

The church had originally a hipped roof and an even ceiling. The church was refurbished in 1773-74 by the master builder Anders Wahlberg and was now given its present steep peaked roof. The interior was fitted with a barrel vault and the windows, set in leads, were enlarged. These alterations were commemorated with a weather vane bearing the date 1774. The bell tower was also built by Anders Wahlberg in 1767. The church bell, cast in Stockholm in 1754, was a donation from the congregation of Liljendal. 

The walls of the church were originally decorated with painting.  

The pulpit is in Dutch style and it dates from the 1680's.  

The Karuna Church was built by Baron Arvid Horn in 1685. The bell tower was added in 1767 by Anders Wahlberg, who also repaired the church in 1773. The pulpit dates from the 1600's. The church's painted decorations are shown to best advantage by the drapery patterns that have been painted on the lower parts of walls. The church is decorated by 11 oil paintings. Christ and the Apostles are pictured on the railing of the organ gallery. The stocks in the vestibule are from the Nurmijärvi Church.




Interior of Karuna church. Photo: Saara Salmi

Interior of Karuna church. Photo: Saara Salmi.