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Urajärvi Manor

Kartanontie, Urajärvi (Asikkala)

Urajärvi Manor belonged for almost two and a half centuries to the von Heideman family of Baltic-German origin. The estate came to the family in 1672, and the last owner of the von Heideman family, Lilly von Heideman, died in 1917. The last von Heidemans in the manor were the unmarried siblings Lilly (1849-1917) and Hugo (1851-1915) von Heideman. They bequeathed their home to be maintained as museum.

The main building, which was built in Empire style, displays home in the early 20th century. During their lifetime, the siblings decorated a wing situated in the garden as a museum. It displays the family's old furniture and other objects. The manor is surrounded by an English park with its remains of old gate and small bridges. Hugo von Heideman's fascinating path leads the walker to the vista point Valhalla which has a semi-circular colonnade built in 1913 in antique style.

Urajärvi Manor is one of Finland's oldest manor museums and was opened to the public in 1928.

Urajärvi Manor and the museum café are open in summer 2016.

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