The National Museum’s Summer Yard - Do you have an event or idea?

Open today 11—18
9.5.2019 00:00 — 8.9.2019 00:00

An architecture competition named New National (Uusi Kansallinen) is currently under way for the annex to be added to the National Museum of Finland. This summer, a pavilion will be set up in the National Museum’s Summer Yard to provide event organisers and audiences with a wonderful setting for exciting activities but also a framework for re-intepreting the very meaning of the word ‘national’.

The National Museum wishes to encourage and challenge people to form their own understandings of the ‘national’ by introducing a diverse range of content to the pavilion and the surrounding park. We hope to inspire as many people as possible to come up with ideas for the new building and interpret our national identity in a fresh way by contributing to the activities organised in the yard. Let’s paint with a broad brush together! 

Do you have an event or idea that is perfect for redefining what ‘national’ really means? Would you like to gather people to do, learn or try things together, or engage in a hobby you all enjoy? Summer theatre spectacles, choir practices, poetry slams, singalongs, poetry matinées, karaoke, dance balls or massive picnics with music – we have the facilities, you bring the content! 

Find out more and send us your suggestion