Museum Shop Holiday Sales

19.11.2022 11:00 — 19.11.2022 17:00

The National Museum of Finland’s annual holiday sale will be held on Saturday, 19th of November 2022, from 11 - 17. Twenty museum shops from all over Finland will gather at the National Museum, selling their unique-to-location items, as well as festive-season items.

The event is every museum shop fan’s dream. Museums put out their own custom items, unique to each location. These items include textiles, post cards, books, decorations, sweets, toys, jewelry and more.

The National Museum of Finland’s museum shop has begun its festivities. Traditional holiday decorations, food items and beautiful gift wrappings have been put on sale.

Make sure to visit the museum restaurant, where you can treat yourself to holiday pastries and mulled wine, traditional Finnish holiday treats. The restaurant is open from 11 - 17 on the day of the event.

The holiday sale and museum restaurant are free entry. Entry to the museum’s exhibitions with a ticket. The National Museum is open from 11 -18.

This year’s museum shops include:

Amos Rex
Museum of Finnish Architecture
Didrichsen Art Museum
Espoo Car Museum
Helsinki Art Museum (HAM)
Helsinki City Museum
J. L. Runeberg’s Home Museum
The National Museum of Finland
The museums of Lappeenranta
Leikki – The Museum of Play
Porvoo Museum
Rauma Museum
Sagalund Museum
Sepänmäki Handicraft Museum
Serlachius Museums
Historical Games of Finland
The Finnish Railway Museum
Suomenlinna Center
TAHTO Center for Finnish Sports Culture
Vantaa City Museum