Consumption Binge

Open today 11—18
6.4.2019 11:00 — 6.4.2019 17:30

On Saturday, 6 April, the National Museum of Finland will be holding an event called the Consumption Binge! On the day in question, the museum will be filled with movies, short lectures, workshops and music focusing on sustainable development and changes in nature. The highlight of the event will be a unique discussion session, with the internationally renowned photographer Nick Brandt interviewed by Member of Parliament Jani Toivola about the creation of the exhibition ‘Inherit the Dust’, fine-art photography, the balance of nature and changes in nature.


Tom of Holland, Darning Masterclass and a short lecture 
Mansku at 10am and 2.30pm, Auditorium at 1.45pm

Tom of Holland has made mending trendy through his Visible Mending Programme. At the workshop, he will provide instruction in two classic mending styles, present some of his own impressive creations and discuss his sources of inspiration. A beautiful mend is a badge of honour of an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Participation fee €20 (sold out)

Feodor Grigoryev, music 
Central hall at 11am and 12 noon 

Before inventing the iconic bottle xylophone, he was a rock musician, cameraman and clown. Today, he travels all over the world from St Petersburg to play all types of music, ranging from Finnish folk songs to Tchaikovsky.

YLE BUU-klubben, Superhjälparna
Studio 11am–3pm

The BUU-stämpel meets its small friends and teaches them how to sort their waste in the interactive Waste Contest.

IHME Project 2018: THE BEETLE, a movie by Henrik Håkansson

Auditorium 11.15am–12.45pm

This film by Swedish artist Henrik Håkansson contemplates the state of the Earth from the perspective of an insect. The protagonist of the film is the threatened beetle species Hylochares cruentatus, which lives only on the old Mätäoja riverbed in Vantaa. Music by Mika Vainio. The 2018 project of the contemporary art festival IHME.

Jyrki Muona, short lecture Auditorium 12.45pm–1.15pm

Professor Muona has built his life’s work around beetles. Hylochares cruentatus is among the species close to his heart. As the chief intendant of the Finnish Museum of Natural History (Luomus), he has been in charge of the beetle collections and the scientific accuracy of the nomenclature of Finnish beetles, maintained by the museum. The chief intendant has studied the taxonomy, distribution and behaviour of Nordic species for almost five decades.

LitAdvisor, short lecture Auditorium 1.45–2.15pm

LitAdvisor challenges you to exchange one vacation by plane for a reading journey. When you accept this challenge, you will notice that travelling through books can be just as, if not more, relaxing and eye-opening than traditional travel.

Hiekka, music  Auditorium 2.15–2.45pm

Hiekka comprises five people, a guitar, a bass guitar, a cello, drums and singing. A story springing from dreams and the ground, even asphalt.

Pole Pole duo, music Auditorium 3.15–3.45pm

Arnold Chiwalala and guitarist Topi Korhonen formed the Pole Pole duo together. Arnold’s kantele provides an enchanting accompaniment to the Tanzanian inspired songs. The duo’s style and soundscape are one-of-a-kind. 

Jani Toivola and Nick Brandt, discussion session Auditorium 4–5.30pm

Member of Parliament of the Greens Jani Toivola will meet photographer Nick Brandt to discuss fine-art photography and the creation of the exhibition ‘Inherit the Dust’, which has recently opened at the National Museum of Finland. The discussion will also delve into the balance of nature, its changes and the significance of these changes to people. This will be a unique opportunity to learn the stories behind the photos. The audience will have the opportunity to ask questions.

The insect hotel workshop allows participants to build shelters for insects while learning what makes insect hotels important.

The Bust the Dust game is an interactive and playful way for visitors to explore Nick Brandt’s exhibition using their own mobile device. 

Inherit the Dust – Photographs by Nick Brandt, temporary exhibitions space

Traces, pop up space

The event is accessible and suitable for visitors of all ages. 

Free entry. Admission to exhibitions at the price of the museum ticket.