Puppet Show and Folk Music

Closed today
24.6.2018 14:00 — 22.7.2018 15:30

Mytty evening – Puppet show and folk music for the whole family.

The Mytty evening is all about pulling together! Moustaches escape and shy people become brave. A polska for the whole world plays, and trouble turns to joy. This performance is suitable for people of all ages.

The show is included in the museum's admission fee (3/6/9€).

Duration 35 minutes.

Fri 22.6. at 16 & 17.10 *
Su 24.6. at 14 & 15.30 
Wed 27.6. at 14.00
Th 28.6. at 14.00
Sa 7.7. at 14 & 15.30
Su 8.7. at 14 & 15.30
Th 19.7. at 14.00
Sa 21.7. at 14 & 15.30
Su 22.7 at 14 & 15.30

*The premier 22.6. is part of the Midsummer Bonfires of Seurasaari.

Emilia Lajunen (five string fiddle, nyckelharpa and vocals)
Roosa Halme (puppets, accordion and vocals)

Music Emilia Lajunen
Director Elina Lajunen
Puppets Heini Maaranen
Visualisation Heini Maaranen and Elina Lajunen
Script Elina Lajunen and the group
Clothes TAUKO/Kaisa Rissanen
Production Nukkehallitus/Elina Lajunen
Photo Outi Herrainsilta and Elina Lajunen
Press photos Sami Perttilä

The performance is supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, The city of Helsinki, Seurasaarisäätiö and The Central Arts Council.

Collaboration with Aura of Puppets and Seurasaari Open-Air museum.