Piñata workshop

Open today 11—18
30.11.2019 11:00 — 7.12.2019 13:30

On Saturdays 30th November and 7th December, the National Museum organises a two-part piñata workshop together with piñata artist Tania Velasco. In the workshop you can build your own traditional star- or unicorn shaped piñata!

The piñata is a colourful decorated paper-mâché vessel from Mexico filled with sweets, nuts and small toys. The workshop will be led by Tania Velasco and will also provide a closer look at the culture and history of piñata.

Historically, piñata has been a Catholic tradition in Mexico: the piñata was made in the shape of a seven-rayed star, where each ray represented one of the seven capital sins. The bright colours of the piñata reflected the temptation. According Catholic faith, the tradition of sweets, a stick and a bandage on the eyes represented strength, faith, luck and success.

In Mexico, the piñata tradition is especially associated with Christmas, but has spread from Latin America to North America, especially for children's birthdays. Nowadays, piñatas can be made in any shape and are the perfect hit of every party.

The workshop will be organized in two parts, on 30.11. and 7.12. in the Atelier space of the National museum of Finland. The ticket price includes participation for two days, materials and access to the National Museum.

Adults who come with a child under the age of 14 do not need a ticket. Just buy a ticket for the kid who wants to build the piñata.

The price for the course is 30 € (incl. material and access to the museum)

NB! Tickets are only sold in advance in the ticket link or at the museum.

The Piñata Song:

As the piñata is being hit, a song is sung

Dale, dale dale

No pierdas el tino

Por que si lo pierdes,

Pierdes el camino

Ya le diste uno

Ya le diste dos

Ya le diste tres

Y tu tiempo se acabo


Hit it, hit it, hit it

Don't lose your aim

Because if you lose it

You will lose your way

You hit it once

You hit it twice

You hit it three times

And your time is up