POSTPONED: We Are Here Ball

Closed today
7.9.2020 18:30 — 7.9.2020 22:00

Due to the situation with the global pandemic we have postponed the We Are Here Ball. The ball will be organized 28.6.2021.

In the unique environment, under the frescos of the entrance hall, we celebrate life, equality and the right to be seen at the We Are Here Ball.

No to sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, ageism, ableism, body shaming or any form of discrimination. Yes to equality, diversity, creativity, participating, learning, new experiences and love!

Ballroom scene is a safe space for LGBTIQ+ community. It has started by African-American and Latinx LGBTIQ+ communities in New York. All visitors will respect and celebrate the Ballroom culture and its roots. If you are not from this community, please be mindful of the space you take up. Respect the performers and the space of the performers. If you want to participate, to walk the Ball, take some time beforehand to learn what it means. If you need any help before or in the Vogue Ball, just ask, and we will help you.

Everybody is welcome to feel free and loved!

Age limit K-18.
Tickets, advance sale, 14 €

Register to walk the Ball
Advance sale 10 €


18.30 Doors open
19.00 Vogue Ball starts
22.00 The event is over

Amanda 007
Kelet, Lola ja Ofimja Gucci
Venla Ninja

MC: Mr Sparkles
DJ: DJ Esgrove ( The House of Ninja)
Photographer: Roza Ninja

Entrance is from the Kansallismuseo door on the side of Mannerheimintie from the door A2.


Safer participation

There is a limited amount of tickets to the event that there is a possibility to have personal space. If you are sick, wait for the next event. Remember washing your hands and using hand sanitizer in the event.


The Ball at Kansallismuseo is accessible. Gender neutral toilet is situated near to the entrance.

There are also ’pay what you can’ tickets available. Please contact kansallismuseo(at) to have yours.


”We Are Here Ball” Categories

European/All American
Two trophies

Get inspired by Electra’s style! Electra (played by Dominique Jackson), the character of the tv-series Pose, has amazed us with her stunning looks. Show us your version!

All American:
In tv-series Pose young Damon (played by Ryan Jamaal Swain) and Ricky (played by Dyllon Burnside) are rocking the 80’s styles. Get inspired of their outfits and dress up during ”I wanna dance with somebody” is being played!

Serve suit. Marlene Dietrich and Stormé DeLarverie were astounding in the suit look. Do your research and show us your version of the suit look by these amazing people!

For your tens:
Choose your own song and matching look and lip-sync a story to remember!

For the battles:
Be prepared to make a quick change for each battle. It can be eyeglasses or the hat or something way more surprising… Make us gaaag. In this section there will be no more lip-sync, but the battle of the looks!

Send a good quality, well-mixed version (maximum length 1min 30 seconds) of your song before Thursday the 3rd September 16:00 to Virpi: virpi(at)

Marsha P. Johnson has changed the world with her activism. She played an important role in the LGBTIQ+ movement, such as the Stonewall protests. Marsha's legacy lives on today in organisations such as the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, which says it "protects and defends the human rights of BLACK transgender people”. Now we celebrate Marsha Johnson’s life with the famous flowers in her hair in the category bizarre. Make your own version of the floral crown and serve it the bizarre way.

Billy Porter has become a fashion icon with his memorable looks in different situations. Get to know his style and show us your version.

Choose your Favourite Queer Fashion Icon. It can be a designer or famous fashionable person. Bring a photo of your choice and bring that look into real life!

FQ Face
BQ Pretty Boy Face
Non-binary Face

Three trophies
Category is asking for self-pride. Show us who you are with pride!

Be yourself in your best dressed look.


Three trophies
Wear latex, fake leather or pvc. Get inspired for example by work of the Finnish gay-icon Tom of Finland or Madonna's legendary "Human Nature" -music video. Shine on with your look!

Female Figure
Male Figure
Luscious body
Three trophies

Let’s Celebrate Pride flags. Conquer the stage with the colors of one of the Pride flags.


Vogue Ball is produced by the National Museum of Finland and Virpi Kurkihovi.
The name of the Ball is from Kelet Gucci.
Consultation for the Ball and the categories has been provided by House of Gucci, Amanda 007 and Caroline Suinner.


We reserve the right to changes.


Ballroom Vocabulary
OTA – open to all genders/sexualities
FF (Female figure) – trans women, cisgendered women, and drag queens
MF (Male Figure) – Butch queens, butch women, and transgender men
FQ (Fem queen) – A trans femme-presenting woman
BQ (Butch queen) – A gay/bi cisgender men and can serve both - a masculine and feminine side
Non-Binary - The umbrella term covering all gender identities and expressions outside the gender binary. Also referred to as NB or enby.