Kuva: Jouni Ihalainen

Wigsby - Tightwire performance in the National Museum yard

Open today 11—18
8.9.2018 15:00 — 9.9.2018 15:30

Tightwire performance Wigsby sheds light into the six layers of personality of the same person. 

The personalities will dance on the wires, some in harmony, others in conflict. Together they compose an individual, a whole. The network built of three tightwires is a meeting point, where they fight for their territory but also combine their powers. 

The 30min performance stars six Finnish tightwire artists. 

Free entry, welcome!



Saana Peura, Noora Juppi, Milla Kurronen, Rasmus Witikka, Sini Napari, Maiju Saarimaa

Director: Hanna Moisala

Choreographical help: Netta Lepistö

Production: Lumo Company

Editing of music: Jori Reunanen

Video & trailer: Jori Reunanen

Costume Designer & Stylist: Hilla Ruuska