Brilliant! – jewellery – photograph – sound

Open today 11—18
18.9.2015 11:00 — 2.3.2016 18:00

Brilliant! exhibition is The Finnish Goldsmith Association’s 110th Jubilee Year Exhibition offering a unique cross-section of Finnish jewellery design and craft at the highest level starting from the 1960s up to today. With photographs and audio material, Brilliant! presents the masterpieces of 27 people selected as Goldsmiths of the Year from the past six decades.

The display cases at the National Museum of Finland have been filled with professional skill, curiosity, precision, perseverance and vision. The raw materials include platinum, gold, silver and gemstones but also less precious materials. On the walls, visitors can delve into the dreamlike underwater world of the photographic artist Susanna Majuri.

Since 1987, the Goldsmith of the Year has been selected by the Finnish Goldsmith Association. Goldsmiths, silversmiths, jewellery designers and engravers who display significant professional expertise are eligible for nomination. In addition to the previous Goldsmiths of the Year, the Brilliant! exhibition will also feature three finalists for the Goldsmith of the Year 2016. The winner of this year’s competition will be selected by popular vote for the first time.