Museum shop

You can discover some unique pieces in our museum shop, as many items have been inspired by Finnish history and cannot be found anywhere else. The shop also stocks the Kansallismuseo Collection, which is a range of products made exclusively for the National Museum of Finland by a group of Finnish designers.

The museum shop is located on the first floor of the National Museum of Finland, and it is open during the opening hours of the museum.

Contact us: tel. +358(0)29 533 6903

Gift card

A gift card for the National Museum of Finland is a unique, intangible gift. The gift card is valid for 12 months from purchase, and you can use it to pay for entrance tickets, guided tours, workshops and museum shop products in the National Museum of Finland, the Maritime Museum of Finland, Langinkoski, the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum, Tamminiemi, Hvitträsk, Louhisaari, Olavinlinna Castle and Häme Castle.

170309 Inspiration Is Here Noora Huumo 00618 2
The Kansallismuseo Collection has been inspired by Finnish folklore as well as the exhibitions and collections of the National Museum of Finland. The collection has been designed by Saija Halko, Johanna Gullichsen, Mari Isopahkala, Katriina Nuutinen, Julia Männistö and the design duo ensæmble, i.e. Alisa Närvänen and Elina Peltonen.
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The ‘Aarni’ backpack by Katriina Nuutinen is a modern interpretation of the traditional Finnish birch bark bag.
Km Collection Saija Halko Vaaka
The ‘Ainio’ candleholders designed by Saija Halko evoke stone tools from the prehistoric era.
170309 Inspiration Is Here Noora Huumo 03635
The name of Julia Männistö’s ‘Kirmukarmu’ scarf comes from an archaeological site in Vesilahti, where sword handles decorated with images of crouching animals were unearthed. This image became one of the prints used in the scarf.
170309 Inspiration Is Here Noora Huumo 00641 1
The forest green colour of the pouch designed by Johanna Gullichsen has been especially selected for the National Museum of Finland.
170309 Inspiration Is Here Noora Huumo 00651
The notebook by the ensæmble is a collection of old historical archive photos and the design duo’s own images.
Km Collection Samuji 1200X900Px
The cotton ‘KAMU’ napkins by Samuji are part of the Kansallismuseo Collection.
Km Collection Lapuankankurit 1000X1000
The ‘HVITTRÄSK’ sauna collection by Lapuan Kankurit has been designed by Reeta Ek. According to Reeta, the collection was inspired by romantic nationalism and roses that are characteristic of the garden and the details of the building in Hvitträsk.