Join a guided tour

You can explore the museum at your own pace, join a free guided tour open to all visitors, or pre-book a guided tour for a fee. In addition, you can borrow an audio guide to take you on a tour around the museum. Some exhibitions also have discussion guides, volunteering at the museum. Together, you can discuss your thoughts about the exhibition and its themes.

Guided tours in English during this Summer
Public guided tours include to the entrance ticket price

3.7.‒16.8. Mon, Wed, Fri: The National Treasures 11.30 am  

3.7.‒16.8. Tue, Thu: Inherit the Dust 11.30 am

Guided tours

The open guided tours are intended for people visiting the museum, either alone or in a small group of no more than five. Upcoming open guided tours:

National Treasures in Russian: Sun 28.4. at 12.

Inherit the Dust in English:

April 7, May 5 and June 2 at 1.30 pm July, August: Every Tuesday and Thursday at 11.30 am

Pre-booked tours are organised for a fee for individuals or groups with an advance reservation. A single tour is for 1–25 people, so if your group is bigger than this you will need to book two tours. Please book your tour at least a week in advance, two weeks if your group is large, so that we will have time to make the necessary arrangements.

You can book a tour by calling our tour services at +358 (0)29 533 6902. The tour services phone service is available from Tuesday to Friday, 9 am – noon.  Outside these hours, you can enquire about availability with an online form.

Our most popular tours for adults: 

  • The National Treasures
    The tour provides an overview of the history of Finland and illustrates the gems of our collections from the world’s oldest net to an emperor’s throne.
    Target group: Suitable for all   
  • The Story of Finland
    This tour is all about the lighter and murkier moments in recent Finnish history. The tour includes artefacts from the autonomous era and iconic objects illustrating the welfare state.
    Target group: Suitable for all

Our most popular tours for children: 

  • The Treasure Hunt
    On this interactive tour, children use picture hints to find a bear cub that has hidden itself somewhere in the museum with a treasure chest. The tour introduces children to the museum’s main collections through a game, and at the end of the tour the participants will receive a small prize for finding the treasure.
    Target group: 3–8-year-olds
  • The Interactive Attic
    Life in the olden days in a chimneyless cabin is explored on this interactive tour by learning about history through active participation. The Attic is an interactive exhibition introducing history through games, activities and experimentation. The exhibition’s activities will also entice adults to join in and take a stroll down memory lane.
    Target group: Children over four years of age