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Bookable tours

Bookable tours are held during the museum’s opening hours. At other times, the tour price will include a separate opening fee. Tours for educational groups are held on weekdays when the museum is open, starting from 9:00. The duration of the guided tours is 30–60 min.

The National Museum’s tours offer an interesting approach to the exhibitions with the help of its inspiring tour guides. You can choose a tour that best suits your group from our extensive selection or ask us to design you your own special tour.

Tours can be held in Finnish, Swedish and English. You may also apply for a tour in French, German, Russian, Japanese or Mandarin China.

Guided tour of an exhibition of your choice, 30–60 min

Learn all about an exhibition! A tour of an exhibition is an interactive basic tour of an exhibition of your choice, led by an expert guide. Based on the group’s wishes, the duration of an exhibition tour is approx. 30–60 minutes. Learn about the exhibition selection of the National Museum and choose the exhibition of which you would like to receive a tour. You can book a tour of the updated permanent exhibitions Prehistory, Otherland and The Story of Finland, as well as the changing exhibitions.

Tour of the tower, 15 min or 60 min

Visiting the tower of the National Museum is a unique experience! The tower is usually closed to the public, but now you can book your own tour and climb all of the 174 steps up to the tower landing where you can see the scenery above the roofs of Helsinki. The 58-metre-high tower has balconies facing all directions at a height of about 40 metres. There are two types of tours available. Not suitable for small children or persons with physical disabilities. Read more.

Gems of the National Museum, 60 min

Not sure where to start? In that case, the Gems of the National Museum tour is for you. During the one-hour tour, you will learn about the National Museum and its most fascinating and influential items led by an expert guide.

Getting to Know Finnish History, 45 min

The tour in simple Finnish introduces the history and culture of independent Finland. The tour is suitable for Finnish language learners and immigrants’ integration groups, among others.

‘Detectives of the National Museum’ tour for children, 45 min

Detectives of the National Museum is a children’s tour of the museum. Solve the mysteries of the past with the tour guide and figure out a hint from the future! On the tour, we will learn about the history of Finland playfully with the help of museum items. The tour travels through the exhibition rooms and stairwells of the National Museum. We recommend the tour to children aged 3-8 and their guardians.

Remote guided tour online, 30 min

Learn about the National Museum’s exhibitions wherever you are. On the tour, you can see the exhibitions of the National Museum. We will learn about the topic of your choice through items and works. Our expert guide will be happy to answer any questions and discuss the topics with you.

The tours are held via Teams. The tours are held Mon–Fri at 9:00–18:00 and Sat–Sun at 11:00–18:00. Participating requires a device with an internet connection. Download Teams on your mobile device or participate via computer using a web browser. The group can attend the tour from the same location together or each via their own remote connection. Recording the remote tours is not allowed.

Select a topic and book a tour:

  • The preserved and the lost – prehistory according to archaeological finds in our Prehistory exhibition.
  • Life and faith – a look at everyday life and faith at a time when a nation called Finland did not yet exist, through our Otherland exhibition.
  • Estates, families, people – people and their stories from a time when a nation called Finland did not yet exist, through our Otherland exhibition.
  • The Emperor and Finnish identity – snapshots of how an autonomous Grand Duchy built its past, through our Otherland exhibition.
  • The Story of Finland – highlights of the history of independent Finland, through our Story of Finland exhibition.