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The National Museum of Finland is a living and inspiring learning environment full of phenomena related to the human life.

A visit to the museum will complement school instruction and can be combined with several school subjects and with phenomenon-based teaching, in particular. A museum visit can perhaps best support themes revolving around history, art and culture, but also religion, ethics, crafts, home economics and mother tongue, as well as scientific development, can be discussed at the museum.

In addition, other people besides schoolchildren and students can learn new things at the museum. The teaching materials will provide ideas that can be utilised when visiting the museum with family or friends.

During the museum’s opening hours, study groups have free entry. You can also book a tour for a group, and these are organised between Tuesday and Friday from 9 am onwards. Other visitors may also book a tour during the museum’s opening hours. Tours are arranged for a fee and must be reserved at least a week in advance. You can find the tour descriptions here.

Live stream tours in english 2020

Fri 13.11.2020 at 10 am (Finnish time) The Story of Finland, in english