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Guided tours for pupil or student groups

Read about the selection and book a guided tour for your group. On a guided tour, you can learn new things together with our knowledgeable guide. The tours support the general objectives of early childhood education and the school curriculum.

Detectives of the National Museum, 45 min

Solve the mysteries of the past with the tour guide and figure out a hint from the future! On the tour, we will learn about the history of Finland playfully with the help of museum items. The tour travels through the exhibition rooms and stairwells of the National Museum. Recommended for children attending early childhood education or the first few grades of comprehensive school.

On the trail of prehistory (10 000 bc -1000 ac), 45–60 min

What do the items tell us about the past? On a tour of the Prehistory exhibition, you will study and interpret prehistoric discoveries together with a guide. During the tour, you will learn about the basic concepts of prehistory and using items as a source of information. Suitable for groups from comprehensive schools or upper secondary schools.

Otherland – life in the Eastland and Grand Duchy (1000-1900), 60 min

A tour of the Otherland exhibition tells the story of a time when a nation called Finland did not yet exist. You can choose the era for the tour yourselves: The Swedish era or the Russian era. During the tour, we will study what people’s lives were like in centuries past. Suitable for learners of various ages interested in the Middle Ages or the Swedish era or the Russian era of Finland. The content will be modified to meet the educational needs of the group.

The Story of Finland – conflicts and democracy (1917-2017), 45–60 min

A tour of the Story of Finland exhibition is about the history of independent Finland: how the many conflicting hopes formed into a democratic welfare state called Finland over the last century. Suitable for supporting education for history, civics or ethics classes.

Getting to Know Finnish History, 45 min

The tour in simple Finnish introduces the history and culture of independent Finland. Suitable for immigrants’ integration groups.

A Jewel of Architecture, 45–60 min

Learn about the jewel of architecture created by Herman Gesellius, Armas Lindgren and Eliel Saarinen. This guided tour held mainly outdoors focuses on the architecture and history of the National Museum. Suitable for everyone interested in architecture and national romanticism.

Remote tour, 30 min

Learn about the National Museum’s exhibitions wherever you are. During the guided tour, the guide will tour and discuss the exhibitions of the National Museum with you. On the tour, you will learn about a particular theme through a few items and works. The 30-minute tour will be held on Teams. You can participate via a web browser on a computer or the Teams app on a mobile device. The tours are held Mon–Fri at 9:00–18:00 and Sat–Sun at 11:00–18:00. Recording the remote tours is not allowed.

Select a topic and book a tour:

  • Perspectives on prehistory – select pieces of the Prehistory exhibition
  • Life and faith – a look at everyday life and faith at a time when a nation called Finland did not yet exist, through our Otherland exhibition.
  • Estates, families, people – people and their stories from a time when a nation called Finland did not yet exist, through our Otherland exhibition.
  • The Emperor and Finnish identity – snapshots of how an autonomous Grand Duchy built its past, through our Otherland exhibition.
  • The Story of Finland – highlights of the history of independent Finland, through our Story of Finland exhibition.

You can book a tour by calling our tour services at +358 (0)29 533 6902.
The tour services phone service is available from Tuesday to Friday, 9 am – 12 noon.
Outside these hours, you can enquire about availability with an email


Groups from daycare centres, comprehensive schools, upper secondary schools; rehabilitation and integration groups.
The prices of the guided tours and workshops held in the museum include the price of admission.

  • Guided tour in the museum, 30–60 min, €55
  • Remote guided tour online, 30 min, €40
  • Workshop, 1 h, €65 / 1.5–2 h, €85