Cultural sustainability

Promoting cultural sustainability is at the core of what we do. In addition to this, we also subscribe to social, ecological and financial responsibility and require the same commitment from our partners, as well. These principles are reflected in our collection work, the services provided at our museum locations and our programming.

For us at the National Museum of Finland, cultural sustainability means preserving the diversity of culture as an intrinsic value, providing opportunities for dialogue between different cultures and strengthening cultural methods that promote ecological, social and economic sustainability both locally and globally.

We want to broaden the idea of Finnishness and its global operational environment. It is important to highlight exhibitions and events representing different cultures and viewpoints alongside themes that focus on Finland. We are a national museum for foreigners living here, as well.

We collect and examine cultural heritage together with the people and communities that create and use it. We produce services that are accessible both physically and intellectually and add value to various communities.

As our concept of national culture changes and expands, we must cherish what we have found to be good. The principles of democracy, equality and rule of law are counted among our most valuable heritage. The will and prerequisites to strive for an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable life are part of our shared national resources and the image of Finland in our time.