Object collections

The Maritime Museum of Finland's collections currently comprise some 15,000 objects dating from pre-historic times to the present day and include ship models, paintings on maritime themes, navigation and lighthouse equipment, onboard objects as well as the private belongings of individual seafarers. In addition, the collections feature more than 60 working and pleasure boats dating from the 19th century to the current day as well as other boating and yachting-related items. The largest vessel in the collection is the steam-powered icebreaker Tarmo, built in 1907.

A large proportion of the Maritime Museum of Finland's collection has been recovered during maritime archaeological fieldwork activity and includes ship fragments, cargo items, personal effects of the passengers and crew as well as nautical equipment. The Helsinki-based Archaeological Field Services of the The Finnish National Board of Antiquities' together with the Maritime Museum of Finland are responsible for the handling and transfer of all underwater discoveries to the Maritime Museum of Finland collection.

The Maritime Museum of Finland collections are managed by Keeper Timo Kunttu.