Icebreaker Tarmo (SMM2892:1) is part of the collections of the Finnish Maritime Museum. Photo: Topi Leikas/Finnish Heritage Agency.

Collections of the Maritime Museum

The history and present day of Finnish seafaring and maritime operations.

The collections of the Maritime Museum of Finland are formed by objects, vessels, documents and images that provide a diverse view into the past and present of Finland’s maritime history.

The artefact collections include over 16,000 items and the picture collection 37,000 photographs. The document collection contains 150 shelf metres of documents, as well as 8,000 maps and drawings, mainly ship and boat illustrations. The picture collection is managed by the Picture Collections of the Finnish Heritage Agency, which is also in charge of the related customer services, access from here.

The Maritime Museum’s collections are divided into three main themes: material connected to underwater archaeology, material related to the state administration of civil maritime transport, and material on commercial seafaring. In addition, the Maritime Museum also preserves material regarding boats and boating, as well as shipbuilding and boatbuilding. The extensive themes of marine fishing and inland waterway transport are not included in the acquisition plan. The Forum Marinum Maritime Centre is responsible for preserving naval history on a national level.

The collections of objects, documents and pictures are expanded mainly through donations. Underwater archaeological artefacts are accepted into the collections via field work conducted by the Finnish Heritage Agency's own operators or other parties who have been granted permission.

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