A Tom of Finland duvet cover (IT26:1). Photo: Johnny Korkman/Finnish Heritage Agency.

The independence era collection

We are recording the phenomena of the independence era.

The collection from the era of independence was founded in 2017 for the purpose of recording and documenting 20th century and younger phenomena. The aim is to collect a sufficient amount of material from this period while these objects are still relatively well available. Although the timeframe for the recording has been restricted to objects manufactured after 1918, many of the themes present in older artefact groups can be continued.

Finland is constantly becoming more multicultural, and the independence era collection is also well suited for recording material related to immigration. For example, a collection of 85 objects was recently catalogued into the independence era collection, formed by gifts given by students with immigrant backgrounds to their teacher over a period of 20 years, as well as an altar depicting Hindu deities used in the annual Durga Puja ceremony by the Pujari Finland association operating in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Additional information:

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