A snuff box carved out of an alder root (11905:2). Photo: Markku Haverinen/Finnish Heritage Agency.

Ethnological collections

The ethnological collections describe Finnish popular culture from the 16th century to modern times.

The ethnological collections consist of approximately 90,000 objects which provide an all-around illustration of the life, trades and traditions of Finnish people. The collections provide a unique representation of traditional costumes, rugs, rustic furniture and objects of everyday and festive use, as well as different trades together with their tools.

Objects are continuously being added to the collections through donations and purchases. Both single items and groups of multiple objects are accepted as donations.

The researchers in charge of the artefacts are experts in cultural heritage. They produce scientific information on this field, offer guidance in questions concerning the collections and material cultural history, and provide answers to questions regarding the export of cultural artefacts. They are also in charge of the National Museum of Finland’s Sami collections, Forest Finn artefacts and the folk items in the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum.

In addition to the National Museum, objects belonging in the collections are on display at other museums and folk buildings of the Finnish Heritage Agency. Some of the artefacts can also be viewed online in the Object of the Month series and the Finna service.

Customers may use the catalogues and index cards, photographs related to the artefacts and the reference library on request.

Additional information:

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