Muistikuvia verkkosivut 2000x1100 1
Raija Jokinen: Peli, 2023, pellavakuitu, ompelulanka, tärkki / kuitupiirros- ja maalaus, ompelu. Kuva: Ilari Järvinen, Museovirasto.

Recollections – Textile Art by Raija Jokinen

Open today 10—17
17.5.2024 10:00 — 20.10.2024 16:00

The works of award-winning textile artist Raija Jokinen (b. 1960) hover between fragility and transience.

The intangible, gossamer human figures are a picturesque piece of textile art, made from dyed linen fibre. In Jokinen’s artistic identity, textile and visual arts merge and expressions converge in painting, sculpture, graphics and textiles. ​

Linen has played an important role in Häme Castle for centuries. In the 18th century, it was used to pay taxes, and in the 19th century, when Häme Castle served as a women’s prison, the prisoners used it to make linen textiles. ​

The exhibition also displays items from the collections of the National Museum of Finland, which were used by the female prisoners of Häme Castle to make linen.

​The items also reflect the historical role of linen in Häme Castle over the centuries.​