Conservators preparing large flags to be loaned out. Photo: Finnish Heritage Agency.


We loan artefacts and art in our collections to other museums’ exhibitions in Finland and abroad.

Items in the National Museum’s collections are loaned for a maximum of five years, based on written requests. A loan request must reach the National Museum no later than six months prior to the start of the intended loan period, with requests for larger loans preferably even earlier. This will make the loan process easier and ensure that there is sufficient time for making condition reports and possible conservation work.

The loan request must include detailed information on the requested artefact, and the organiser, name, location and dates of the exhibition, as well as the borrower’s preferred loan period. Information on the conditions at the exhibition venue should also be included. The venue’s humidity, temperature and lighting conditions must correspond with normal museum conditions. The borrower must take out an insurance policy for the borrowed items that covers the entire loan period.

Artefacts are loaned for a fee, which the Finnish Heritage Agency collects to cover the costs of handling objects, compiling a condition report and packing the artefacts. The fee is €72/h.

Loan requests for items in the National Museum’s collections are sent to the following address:
The National Museum of Finland
PO Box 913
FI-00101 Helsinki

Loan requests for items in the Maritime Museum’s collections are sent to the following address:
The Maritime Museum of Finland
Tornatorintie 99 A
48100 Kotka

Further information is provided by:

The historical and ethnological collections and the Coin chamber
Satu Frondelius, tel. +358 (0) 295 33 6390,

The collections of the Museum of Cultures (Finno-Ugric and ethnographic collections)
Heli Lahdentausta, tel. +358 (0) 295 33 6434,

The collections of the Maritime Museum
Timo Kunttu, tel. +358 (0) 295 33 6488,