The Collections Centre’s facilities allow even large vehicles to be stored appropriately. Photo: Ilari Järvinen/Finnish Heritage Agency.

Collection care

Museum collections are stored, handled and cared for based on the principles of preventive conservation.

There are two premises available for storage of the National Museum’s collections: the Finnish Heritage Agency's Central storage in Orimattila and the Collections and Conservation Centre in Vantaa. In addition, the Maritime Museum in Kotka has appropriate facilities for storing collections. Furthermore, collection objects are on display at the National Museum’s museum locations.

Suitable, stable conditions have been created for different object groups in the climate-controlled storage facilities. Artefact safety is observed during all procedures. The aim is to guarantee artefact safety and promote access to the collections for both the customers and the museum’s staff.

The Collections Centre is in charge of storing and caring the collections of the National Museum, maintaining and restoring the ship and boat collections, and conducting conservation work on the Maritime Museum’s collections. The division also provides a collection storage service to other museums.

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