Visitor instructions

Visiting the National Museum of Finland sites

The museums and castles of the National Museum of Finland are open to the public in accordance with the instructions issued by the authorities. We comply with policies issued by the Government and the authorities in providing our services. We monitor each site to ensure that the service is provided safely, and make changes when necessary. Safe distances and good hand hygiene are maintained in museum premises. Museum sites will observe restrictions on the number of visitors and instruct visitors to follow marked routes to keep premises as safe as possible for customers. Welcome to our museums!



The objective of our museums is to offer physically and emotionally safe spaces for both museum visitors and staff in normal and exceptional circumstances alike. The cleaning of our premises has been intensified. Visitors are offered the opportunity to disinfect their hands, especially near the entrance and at ticket counters but also at other points when necessary. The interactive features in the exhibitions have either been removed for the time being or they are cleaned and disinfected more often than usual. Museums may restrict access to certain areas, where safe access is not possible or easy, such as small spaces, viewing rooms, theatres and small corridors. For safety reasons, museums may limit access to one entrance only.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the electronic notice boards and temporary signs inside the premises will inform visitors of any safety instructions related to the visit. Please, follow these instructions.


We will ensure that visitors are able to keep safe distance from other visitors as well as our staff/customer service personnel during their visit. We monitor the number of persons entering the museum building as well as the number of persons in individual areas.

We recommend card payments. We do, however, accept cash in museum shops and restaurants as well as at the ticket counters. Coats and clothing can be stored in self-service lockers according to the normal practices of each museum. The cleaning of toilet facilities is intensified.

We recommend using the marked routes in exhibitions, if applicable. Please, follow the signs posted in museums.


Our museum shops are open. We are putting in extra effort in keeping museum shops clean and we maintain safe distance practices. Museum restaurants are also open, usually during the same hours with the museums but please, do check the opening hours with each museum. Museum restaurants comply with instructions issued to restaurants by the Finnish government/authorities. You may pay with a card or in cash.

For the time being, the number of participants in events has been restricted to ensure the safety of all attendees. Some events will require advance sign-up. The sizes of groups taken on guided tours in museums will be adjusted to the museum premises. We have planned safe routes for guided tours and guides use sound amplification equipment to ensure safe distances. We also offer guided tours outdoors and introductory talks in the National Museum of Finland auditorium.

Both indoor premises and restricted outdoor areas of National Museum of Finland sites may be used as meeting, party and event venues. The event organiser must ensure the safety of their guests by making sure that safe distance and good hand hygiene are maintained. We have placed hand sanitiser in our meeting rooms and party venues as well as in the immediate vicinity of the premises and all toilets.


Please, bring your own face mask with you, if necessary. We do not distribute face masks to museum visitors.


Our customer service personnel maintain excellent hand hygiene. Please, do the same!


Welcome to the museum – when you are not ill! If you feel ill, please stay home until you have recovered completely.

The National Museum of Finland complies with the Finnish government instructions.

Updated 19 August 2020