Construction and renovation of the National Museum begins


Construction of the extension to the National Museum of Finland has begun. The additional spaces, which will be mainly underground, will be located under the museum's courtyard garden, and the old and new parts of the museum will be connected underground. The museum will gain around 30% more multi-purpose exhibition space, a restaurant and additional space for public services. At the same time, a partial renovation of the historic main building will take place. Construction of the extension started on 4 September 2023, with renovation starting in November 2023.

National Museum open to the public until 15.10.2023

The closing weekend will be a grand farewell event, as the National Museum will be open for 48 hours non-stop from 13.-15.10.2023! Click here to see the programme for the weekend (only in Finnish).

The museum will open to the public in spring 2027

The rich museum complex of the historic main building, the new building and the courtyard park will reopen to the public in spring 2027.

During the construction, however, much of the National Museum of Finland's activities will continue uninterrupted. The National Museum of Finland maintains and accumulates state collections of cultural and historical artefacts, operates nine other museum sites in addition to the National Museum in Helsinki, and actively participates in a wide range of cultural heritage and social networking activities both in Finland and internationally. During the construction phase, the museum organisation will also work on the organisation of activities and the production of programmes for the reopened museum complex.

Where can you find information about the construction or future activities of the museum?

You can still find news and other information about the Finnish National Museum's family of museums on the Finnish National Museum's website, which features all ten of our museums, information about current exhibitions, information about upcoming events, a wealth of information about our national cultural history collections and information about the Finnish National Museum as an institution.

You can continue to find out what's new at the National Museum site on this page.

You can find out about the stages of construction on the Senate's project website.

The architectural plans for the extension of the National Museum and future activities can also be found at