Baytuna-pop up in the National Museum of Finland

Baytuna - pop up offers a place to stop by the culture. You can enjoy art, explore objects, read and play, and share your thoughts with others.

Welcome to Baytuna August 2 - August 7!

Baytuna means our home in Arabic. Here in the Baytuna -pop up in the Atelier-space on the museum’s second floor you can rest in the middle of the culture. There you can read, play and explore objects from different cultures from different eras. Or watch a series of interviews of the Video project Living (t)here, which shares experiences of multiculturalism in today’s Finland. You can also enjoy the art in the space from contemporary artists.

The artwork ranges from illustrations, conceptual soundscapes, ink drawings, and photomontage explorations to 3D installations with audio-visual components. Through different materials and techniques, the artists investigate the collective and individual subjective processes at play when one lives in and in between different societies.

  • Shareef Askar is a graphic designer, illustrator, media artist and art director who creates visually and politically compelling images and engages the viewer through multi-dimensional storytelling. Read more:
  • DJ 1UAN, a well-known figure of the Oulu club scene, has taken his smooth mixes all around Finland and his conceptual soundscapes are invitations to inner voyages far beyond the limits of the self. Read more:
  • The art of Meri Helmi Särkkä (former Mariam Haji) involve observations of social practices and interactions between the ways in which European art history has had an effect on postmodern Arab Art. Read more of the artist on the website.
  • Yassine Khaled visualizes power relations between individuals caused by, for instance, ever-increasing gaps in wealth, socio-cultural differences, labor conditions, educational opportunities. Read more of the artist on the website.
  • Haliz Yosef works with memories, cultural-identity and language which mediates through moving image, sound art installations. Read more of the artist on the website.

The multilingual event is produced in cooperation at Making Home Abroad -project. Take a closer look at the Making Home Abroad -project on their website:

Baytuna pop-up builds bridges between people and cultures. While visiting the National Museum for six days, it gives a different perspective on Exploring the Ancient Near East -exhibition.


August 2 - August7

Baytuna is open daily at 11 am - 6 pm .
Free admission for those under 18 year olds and on Friday 4-6 pm for all.

Thursday 4th August at 2-4 pm.
Travel back in time to experience ancient Mesopotamian mathematics!

How did Ancient Mesopotamians count? How did they write numbers? What does a 3000-year-old maths exercise look like, and are you ready to tackle it? Come to this workshop and find out!

Friday 5th August at 4-6 pm.
Interactive children story time workshop in Arabic with Meri Helmi Särkkä. Free admission!

The workshop aims to advocate the Arabic language and literature to Arabic-speaking families and any family interested in learning! Our active listening session runs from 4.30 to 5.30 pm. Listeners, big and small, can ask questions and share their thoughts. The stories are best suited for children between the ages of 3 and 5. Older siblings are welcome and will be offered suitable activities by our staff.
Before or after the session families are encoudaged to visit the museum exhibition Exploring the Ancient Middle East. There is Arabic texts for the exhibition on a booklet for adults and another interactive leaflet in Arabic for children.