2021 KM isa ja poika

Father and Son – photographs by Sami Parkkinen

Closed today
14.5.2021 11:00 — 5.9.2021 18:00

Childhood passes by swiftly. Where do we lose the imagination and play? When photographer Sami Parkkinen (b. 1974) became a father, he noticed how children bring joy to life and help adults to become less selfish.

The exhibition is about the world of children, which adults often see as incomplete – but for children, it is complete. Children grow, develop and change towards the world of adults. It is the adults’ duty to let children experience their childhood.

The exhibition displays approximately 50 works created over the course of eight years. The latest ones are from 2020. The artist’s son leaves his mark on the adults’ world by drawing on the photographs with crayons. The story of the growing son emphasises the sensitivity and creativity of a child as well as the pride of a father, connected to the melancholy over the fleeting childhood.