CLOSED: Traces

5 April – 4 August 2019. The Traces exhibition explores the relationship between people and animals through museum collections. The exhibition features both natural science specimens and objects made of animal materials from all continents – from Siberia to Africa and from the Pacific to Europe.

Traces illustrates the myriad ways in which, regardless of time and place, people have used animals as driving forces in their cultures. By tackling such a much-discussed topic, the exhibition also serves to document contemporary culture and the ways in which we frame issues. 

The objects displayed include a gorilla skull pierced by bullets, bear skulls from a sacrificial site of the Nenets people and items made of ivory, feathers, furs and tortoise shells from different parts of the world.

Traces, 5 April - 4 August 2019
The National Museum of Finland, pop up, 1st floor
Free entry