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The third floor of the National Museum is full of activities. The Playtime area offers a hands-on opportunity to experience things and study history. For those visiting with children, it offers an opportunity to enjoy unhurried time together.

The Playtime area is divided into three spaces full of experiences: the sea, the village and the castle. Children can experience medieval life hands-on by building a castle wall, playing with wooden swords, riding horseback and exploring the sea.

On Saturdays and Sundays at 14.00–16.00, children have a chance to play a virtual reality (VR) game and live the story of Ingeborg Tott, a powerful woman who was also the commandant Häme Castle in the 16th century. There is one VR headset available at the museum that can be tested in turns. The game is available in English, Finnish and Swedish.

Playtime is intended for children aged 3–10.

Young people under 18 can visit the National Museum and join the guided tours free of charge. Adults are subject to the normal price of admission.

Climb up to the third floor

Playtime is available on the third floor of the National Museum, an it is also accessible by a lift from the lobby. The accessible entrance to the National Museum is on Mannerheimintie street, door A2. The ground floor has a lift to the Central Hall located on the first floor, which is where you will find the ticket counter. Playtime will be available during the museum’s opening hours.