New objects at the Prison

Open today 11—16
1.6.2020 10:00

The Prison’s main exhibition has been expanded with new objects. The life of prisoners sometimes also included sickness and death. Objects related to these themes are also now on display at the Prison.


Did you know that prisoners used to make coffins for themselves when it became apparent that they would not be released during their own lifetime? The Prison’s carpenter’s workshop was also used to make a variety of other objects with prison labour, for both the prison’s own needs and to be sold outside. Prisoners also made coffins for sale. A prisoner-made coffin is on display in cell number 6 on the 1st floor.

Dentist’s chair

In the early days, prisoners’ dental care encompassed tooth extraction and little else. In 1926, prisoners were granted the right to use their own funds to get their teeth fixed and purchase a toothbrush. However, it wasn’t until the 1970 that the poor state of prisoners’ dental care started garnering particular attention and prisons started developing their dental services. The dentist’s chair is on display in cell number 3 on the 1st floor.