Guided tours

Guided tours for visitors

A guided tour is included in the ticket price. The tours are intended for individual museum visitors. We kindly ask groups to pre-book their tours.

NOTE! Daily tour schedules may vary due to pre-bookings. You can check the schedules by contacting Langinkoski’s customer service by calling +358 (0)2 953 369 91.

Group tours (groups of more than 10 people)

Group tours must be pre-booked. Only a single tour language is available per tour guide.

Basic tour, approximately 30 min, €60 + €6 entrance fee per person
Guided tours outside the museum’s opening hours €105 + €6 entrance fee per person

Tours at Langinkoski can be booked by calling +358 (0)2 953 369 91. In the winter, calls are directed to the Maritime Museum of Finland in Kotka. Tours can also be booked via email at

A tour takes approximately 30 minutes. Approximately 1–1.5 hours should be allowed for a group visit (a full bus) to Langinkoski.