Guided tours

Guides for visitors

You can explore Langinkoski museum at your own pace during the museum's opening hours and discuss with our guides.

Group tours (groups of more than 10 people)

Group tours must be pre-booked. Only a single tour language is available per tour guide.

Basic tour, approximately 30 min, €60 + €6 entrance fee per person
Guided tours outside the museum’s opening hours €120 + €6 entrance fee per person

Tours at Langinkoski can be booked by calling +358 (0)2 953 369 91. In the winter, calls are directed to the Maritime Museum of Finland in Kotka. Tours can also be booked via email at

A tour takes approximately 30 minutes. Approximately 1–1.5 hours should be allowed for a group visit (a full bus) to Langinkoski.