Guided tours

Experience Olavinlinna with a guide.

It is possible to get to see the castle, its halls, rooms on a guided tour throughout the year. The tour takes approximately an hour. The castle houses two small museums and three courtyards which can be visited without a guide when the castle is open. However, there are some restrictions from April till September.

Visitors in a wheelchair are able to visit the museums and the courtyards with assistance for free.

Guided tours in English are made on Saturdays in May 2023, starting at 11.00, 13.00 and 15.00 o`clock.

Guided tours in English are made daily in June, July and August. The guided tours in English start on the hour. The last guided tour starts 1hour before the closing time.

Guided tours in English are made in September starting daily at 11.00, 14.00 and 15.00 o `clock.

Guided tours in Swedish are made on the 5th of July - 23rd of August on Wednesday, starting at 11.00 o `clock.

Guided tours in German are made on the 7th of July - 25th of August on Friday, starting at 12.30 o ´clock and at 15.30 o `clock.

Note, please: The number of participants is limited. Duration about 1 hour. It is possible to visit the upper levels of the Towers only during a guided tour.

Reservations and information for groups at the latest 7 days before the visit by email:

Welcome to Olavinlinna Castle!

Please note that if you wish to have an own guide you need to book it a week prior to your visit. The charge for the own guide is 75 € (incl. 24 % vat) per guide.

On the Saint Olaf's Day, July 29th, there are guided tours only in Finnish and English.

In winter there are daily guided tours in Finnish. Tours in other languages should be booked beforehand from the office at Olavinlinna Castle. Guided tours are also available outside the opening hours on agreement.

"The Little Duke's Hall" workshop for children and other child like visitors open daily until the 27th of August

”The Little Duke's Hall" is an interactive workshop aimed at children. In "The Little Duke's Hall" children and adults can empathize themselves by taking part in several activities like set a table with traditional table ware, dress up in historical costumes or knight's armour, assemble puzzles, build an own castle by using wooden blocks or play with a doll's house resembling the tower of the castle.
The workshop instructor gives assistance to visitors if needed.

Opera Backstage Tours during the Savonlinna
Opera Festival in the summer

Opera Backstage Tours are not organized during the Summer Season 2023.

If you wish to book a guided tour or need more information: the office at Olavinlinna Castle tel. +358 295 33 6942 (Mon-Fri 8.00-16.15),