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Viewpoints and information on Sámi culture

Explore Sámi culture and the themes of the ‘Mäccmõš, maccâm, máhccan – The Homecoming’ exhibition (31 October 2021–27 February 2022). Here you can find the exhibition texts in six languages. We have also worked together with Sámi Museum Siida to produce materials for schools, daycare centres and anyone who is interested.

Read the texts for the ‘Mäccmõš, maccâm, máhccan – The Homecoming’ exhibition

Repatriation refers to returning cultural heritage to its country of origin, its true owners or their posterity. The Sámi collection formerly in the possession of the National Museum of Finland has started its journey back home to Sápmi, the place where the heritage of the collection belongs. The exhibition is our way of celebrating this repatriation, which is significant even at an international level. All of the exhibition texts are available in six languages in the exhibition space: Skolt Sámi, Inari Sámi, North Sámi and Finnish, Swedish and English.

Would you like to learn more about Sámi culture? We recommend the following sources.

The Oktavuohta website

Information on Sámi culture compiled by the Sámi Parliament. Maintained by the Sámi Parliament. The site is available in Finnish and Sami.

The Kuati website

Early education material bank in Sámi languages. Maintained by the Sámi Parliament. The site is available in Finnish and Sami.

The Dihtosis method deck on Sámi identity

Sámi culture can be highlighted as a theme in many different lessons. The theme can be discussed in civics and history lessons as well as geography, mother tongue, music and handicrafts class. The Dihtosis materials can be used to customise a lesson of the appropriate length and level for your group. Produced by the Youth Academy & the Sámi Parliament. The site is available in Finnish and Swedish.

The Kolttasaamelaisten historiaa (history of the Skolt Sámi) material package

You can use the package to learn more about the history of the Skolt Sámi together with your student group. Maintained by Finna Luokkahuone. Produced by Sámi Museum Siida. The site is available in Finnish and Swedish.

Online exhibitions of the Sámi Museum Siida

The Anarâš exhibition focuses on the Inari Sámi
The Sää’mjie’llem exhibition focuses on the Skolt Sámi
The Eatnanšaddu features wild plants used by the Sámi

The film Eatnameamet (1 h 15 min)

The film ‘Eatnameamet – Hiljainen taistelumme’ (Eatnameamet – our silent struggle) (Finland, 2021) is a documentary on the Sámi policies of the Finnish government, the loss of Sámi culture and the fight of the Sámi for their existence. The film is a cry for help for the future of the only indigenous people in the EU – by the Sámi. Director Suvi West.