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Guided tours

On the tour, you will learn about the eventful history of Tamminiemi, the home of presidents, and particularly about the time of Urho and Sylvi Kekkonen there.

We organise public guided tours in Finnish on weekends and, from the beginning of April until ens of September, from Wednesday to Sunday. You can also book a private tour. The maximum size for a tour group is 25 people.

Public guided tours 2024

Public guided tours are included in the price of the museum ticket.

From June to August
Public guided tour in English every Saturday at 1 pm.

From June to August we organize public guided tours in Finnish from Wednesday to Sunday at 11 am, 12 am, 2 pm and 4 pm.

We do not accept advance bookings for public tours. Each guided tour can accommodate 20 people. Groups may book a private guided tour, as we cannot accept groups on the public tours. The group size of a private is 25 people.

It is also possible to explore Tamminiemi independently outside the guided tours. Our expert guides can be found at our exhibition facilities and will be happy to answer any questions.

Bookable private tours

Choose your preferred tour from the selection below.

You can book a guided tour in Finnish, Swedish, English or German. You may choose only one language per tour.

The group size of a private tour is 25 people. Groups of more than 25 people need to book multiple tours.

Bookings: tamminiemi@kansallismuseo.fi

Introduction to Tamminiemi, 15 min
Are you coming to Tamminiemi for an independent visit or meeting? Order a short introduction to the building to start your visit.

Tamminiemi tour, 45–60 min
The Tamminiemi tour is a basic tour of the museum. The tour takes you through the history of Tamminiemi as a villa and the home of three presidents and the time of President Kekkonen at Tamminiemi. During the summer season, the tour also include a visit to the iconic Kekkonen sauna.

Design tour, 45–60 min
Tamminiemi is full of top Finnish design. The tour takes you through the history of Tamminiemi and the design objects owned by Urho and Sylvi Kekkonen.

Private tour prices
Guided tour, 45–60 min, €70 + tickets
Introduction, 15–20 min, €35 + tickets
Guided tour for school groups, 30–45 min, €40. Tickets are included in the price.
Guided tours outside opening hours starting from €155 + tickets

Independent visits to the museum by school groups are free of charge for the whole group. The group can visit the museum independently during the opening hours. The teacher is responsible for their group during the visit. Inform us of your visit in advance: tamminiemi@kansallismuseo.fi