Kansallismuseon freskon luonnos

"Drink and Draw” -Art Evenings at The National Museum

Get inspired the art and the museum environment. The National Museum of Finland’s life drawing space is open to all, from beginners to professionals.

During the evening, we will be drawing quick sketches inspired by Akseli Gallen-Kallela’s work. The director holds 1–12-minute sketching sessions, where the model poses in various positions. Each evening has their own, Gallen-Kallela inspired theme. Directions will be given in Finnish and in English. The instructors for these events are Romy Räihälä and Veera Nelimarkka, who’s Drink and Draw events at restaurants have been sold out.

The price is 25€ per evening. The price includes a ticket to the museum’s exhibitions, the events’ cost, all materials, and the model’s pay. Signing up to the event is binding. Unused tickets will not be refunded.

You can purchase beverages from the Museum-restaurant’s pop-up-cart. All payments by card.

  • Wed. 14.12.2022, from 17-19. Inspiration from The Kalevala
  • Wed. 4.1.2023, from 17-19. Inspiration from Akseli’s Symposium -painting
  • Wed. 18.1.2023, from 17-19. Inspiration from a woman’s portrait
  • Wed. 15.2.2023, from 17-19. Inspiration from Akseli’s Africa era
  • Wed. 15.3.2023, from 17-19. Inspiration from The Kalevala
  • Wed. 29.3.2023, from 17-19. Inspiration from the artist, Akseli Gallen-Kallela

Sign up through this link (in Finnish).