Kansallismuseon lasimaalaukset

Culture and Maths! -Day at the National Museum

Open today 11—18
4.8.2022 13:00 — 4.8.2022 17:30

The event invites all ages to make insights into the connections between culture and mathematics.

Culture is full of mathematical dimensions that are not thought of in the midst of everyday life. There's symmetry in decorative motifs, there is beauty of architecture - but do you know how poetry and mathematics are related? The event day, aimed at all ages, offers insights into the connections between mathematics and culture in workshops and performances.

The event is multilingual and spreads throughout the museum for a day. The event is included in the price of the entrance ticket and entry is free for children under the age of 18.

The event is produced in cooperation with Aalto University and the Bridges organization. The Bridges organization aims to support research and practical applications that link mathematics to art, music, architecture, and culture. Read more about the Bridges conference and organization in English via this link: bridgesmathart.org

Guided tours:

• 11.30 Public tour in Finnish:
Arkkitehtuurin helmi (60 min)

• 13.30 Public tour in English:
Exploring the Ancient Near East (30 mins)

• 14.30 Public tour in Finnish:
Tutkimusmatkoja muinaiseen Lähi-itään (30min)

• 15.30 Public tour in English:
The Jewel of Architecture (60 mins)

• 17.00 Guided walking tour in Finnish:
Inspiraationa muinainen Lähi-itä (60 min, erillinen pääsymaksu/ special prize 20€)


Giant Symmetry Sculpture

A Digital Exhibit:
The “John Hiigli” Children & Youth Math-Art Exhibit with a selection from the South African GMMDC MathArt Competition 2022

Experience Workshop’s STEAM Bazaar

Map Coloring on Doughnuts (2-4 pm)

Tensegrity Polyhedra Models

Origami Geometry

Polyhedra on a Shoe String: String, Straw and Finger Geometry


Surfaces in Mathematics and Clay

Lego Maths and Twister Coding (2-5 pm)

Virtual reality geometry in NeoTrie VR

Listen to a Shape

Cipher Disks and Magic Squares

Zine Machine

Travel back in time to experience ancient Mesopotamian mathematics!


Short Film Festival
1 – 1:40 pm: First Screening
4:30 – 5:30 pm: Second Screening

Bridges Demoscene
1:50 – 2:40 pm

Bridges Poetry reading
2:50 – 4:20 pm