Independent tour of the Castle

Open today 10—18
18.9.2020 10:00

You can tour the premises of Häme Castle independently at the price of the admission fee. As a new addition in autumn 2020, you can learn about Häme Castle’s history through the information screens available in various rooms of the keep.

Ten information screens have been installed into the rooms of the keep where you can delve into the Castle’s history and use of the premises in different eras, at your own pace. Each three floors of the keep have a floor-specific touchscreen that shows how the floor was used and how it has changed. The floor-specific screens are in the medieval chamber on the ground floor and in the second and third floors of the northern tower. The other seven screens are in the most essential rooms of the keep. They offer information about the previous purposes of the rooms and all the changes the rooms have undergone, according to research.

The screens provide information about the following rooms: Castle Main Hall on the ground floor, the Lifeguard’s Hall, Queen’s Chamber, King’s Hall, Rooster Tower and Hall of the Knights on the second floor, and the northern tower chamber on the third floor. The introductions on the screens include the most common questions from visitors regarding the room, which we aim to answer through the content on the screens. Stories about the Castle and its changes are told through floor plans, modern photos, reconstruction drawings, texts, photos from the restoration process and other archived materials.

With the information screens, we also want to respond to visitors’ wishes of receiving information in all the languages most commonly spoken by the visitors. The content for the touchscreens is in four languages: Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian.

Working group for the information screens in Häme Castle: Frida Ehrnsten, Carita Elko, Noora Huumo, Joni-Pekka Karjalainen, Terhi Kiskonen, Alex Kiviranta, Jouni Marjamäki, Lea Värtinen and Elina Väänänen.

Design and technical implementation of the screens: Fantomatico Oy/Panu Heikkilä.