Our programme

The permanent exhibitions, guided tours and established public programmes at our museums are complimented by versatile temporary programming.

Temporary exhibitions are held regularly at the National Museum of Finland, the Maritime Museum of Finland and Häme Castle each year. Smaller exhibitions, topical excerpts from the collections or pop-up exhibitions can also be organised in our other locations. Events related to exhibition content and other current themes are an important part of our programme. Events are organised in all of our locations as well as elsewhere in cooperation with various partners.

The nature and themes of the programme of the National Museum of Finland are very versatile. We produce topical content that interests many different target groups. We want to make sure our content is not only seen through the eyes of Finns. We want to broaden the idea of Finnishness and its global operational environment. It is important to highlight exhibitions and events representing different cultures and viewpoints alongside themes that focus on Finland.

We approach phenomena from the point of view of museum collections, the arts and the most recent ways of presenting things, including modern technology, in our exhibitions, moving across borders both in terms of geography and time. We produce exhibitions, events and other programming in cooperation with Finnish and international partners and operators. We also cooperate with our audiences. Some of our exhibitions can be borrowed to other museums in Finland and abroad.