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The National Museum of Finland offers free events for the Culture kids twice a year. The sponsored Culture kids of the National Museum are children from Helsinki born in 2023.

As part of the Culture kids project, The National Museum of Finland is a cultural sponsor for children born in 2023 and living in Helsinki. The museum offers free cultural events for the Culture Kids of 2023 twice a year. Register your child here:

Since 2020, the City of Helsinki's Culture kids project has offered each child in Helsinki their own cultural sponsor. The culture sponsor offers the child two free events every year. The events are planned to suit the child's level of development, and they support the well-being of the whole family. Events are held for children for seven years, from the year of birth to the school start year.

If the child lives in Helsinki and was born in 2020 or later, you can register them to Culture kids program at The culture sponsor is determined by the year of birth of the child. Those born in different years have their own cultural actors as sponsors.

The Culture kids service is managed by the City of Helsinki's Culture and Leisure Division and is supported by the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation.


Baby’s Heritage Box -workshops in the National Museum of Finland in September 2023

What traditions do you have in your family and what do you want to pass on to your child?

In the Baby’s Heritage Box -workshop you can reflect on what cultural things you want your baby to learn and remember in the future. In the workshop you design your own Heritage Box, where you can start collecting the things you want to store from your own and your family's traditions for the child's future.

Workshops will be held in September at the National Museum of Finland 19.-20.9. and 26.-28.9.
You can register for the workshop in September from 3.8. in the Culture Kids -system:

In October, November and December, workshops are held in playgrounds around Helsinki. Registration for these events opens September 18th.

The workshop is held on the ground floor of the Nationalmuseum, which is accessible. Entrance through door A2, at the foot of the bear statue. The duration of the workshop is about 30 min. The museum is closed during the workshop.

Note: The renovation of Mannerheimintie may affect traffic routes and cause noise during the workshop.
The arrival route on foot from the south is visible in the image below:


More information about the events of the National Museum of Finland for Culture kids born in 2023:
Curator of Education, Hanna Korhonen,

More information about Culture kids: