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Safe space

The National Museum of Finland - a safer space

Everyone is entitled to their own and common cultural heritage. Equality and equitable treatment are our most valuable national heritage. The mission of the National Museum of Finland is to increase understanding of cultures and diversity and promote cultural sustainability – for everyone.

We make it a priority to ensure the safety of your visit. We are constantly training our staff in equal and equitable treatment. Please, let us know if you encounter any problems during your museum visit.

Equal opportunity to experience a museum visit or an event is fulfilled when everyone is treated equally. At our museums, we tell various stories of history and of contemporary times and do not avoid exploring difficult subjects either. We do our best to make sure that you feel that your story is important, too. Every person and story deserve to be seen.

We are committed to following safer space principles at our events, operations and at all the museums and castles of the National Museum of Finland. We have established and implemented the principles together with our employees.